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Team Oracle's Epic Journey with the help of Mustang Survival's EP Sailing Collection

An epic adventure to foil from New York to Bermuda, 40-knot winds (45mph) and waves up to 25 feet hammer 46-foot foiling catamaran on the open ocean

Check out this great video of Team Oracle with another first where there was no other choice than Mustang's new EP Sailing Collection for this remarkable open ocean crossing from New York to Bermuda. Why such a big deal. It was done on a 46 foot foiling catamaran.

This was an epic adventure that turned treacherous for some of the best sailors in the world. Follow the action as the weather turns from ideal conditions to outright survival, facing 25’ swells and 40 knot winds. The one thing the crew did not have to think twice about was what they were wearing. This was an exceptional team of sailors, many of whom raced in the last America’s Cup and will be racing again in 2017.

Thanks to their partnership with the media giant Red Bull, this will provide another excellent platform for exposure for Mustang's fantastic collection for serious sailors.

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