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KOKOPELLI and TMC Reps signs agreement for US West Region!

Another awesome addition to TMC Reps portfolio is KOKOPELLI Packrafts, Inflatable Kayaks and Accessories. A a founder of the packraft category, KOKOPELLI is known as an industry leader in design and performance of their rafts. Now branching out to inflatable kayaks, they have brought their highly skilled design team's concepts to market.

TMC Reps is now handing the Western US Region and look for our team to contact and visit you soon. We were recently in house at Kokopelli just as a significant amount of inventory was showing up, so reach out for stock availability and plan to catch the demand for 2022.

Reach out to us for information on marketing support,

including social media engagement, training, great photographic bank, email campaigns and digital advertising. All tools to assist you with getting the most out of KOKOPELLI and this awesome category that is growing exponentially.

If you are in the packraft category, you want KOKOPELLI, if you are not in the packraft category, you should be as it is experiencing huge growth. Let TMC Reps, assist you in your successful growth with KOKOPELLI and have your customers ready for every adventure!

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