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Excitement is building @ Mustang Survival

A secret project at Mustang Survival had the lid blown off of it with the big win of the maxi yacht Comanche this past December at the Sydney Hobart Race.

Kristy Hinze-Clark and her team Comanche debuted Mustang Survival’s new Fall 2016 Ocean Racing Series, which will be available to the public this June. As a leading supplier to the military, coast guard, and water rescue professionals for decades, Mustang provided the entire team with a first in this extremely challenging environment, gear that actually worked! It kept the crew dry, comfortable, functionable and in style which was something these elite athletes did not think was possible. When originally approached the crew said, "sure we can try your gear, but we know it will fail. In this environment, with the beating the gear takes, it lasts a few days, then it leaks and we all get wet." Not only did they stay dry, they could not believe how it stood up to the beating they gave it. This is not just another line of wet gear, Mustang Survival has used their relationship with Gore to secure the use of Goretex's military BD6.5 fabric for this amazing range of Saling Gear. This is an industry 1st and another exclusive for Mustang Survival.

Along with the introduction of this range, look for a complimentary line of professional grade gear haulers, info coming soon.

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