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Mustang Survival_make over for rearm kits

Mustang Survival has simplified the offering of rearm kits for 2017 to reduce the number of sku's. The intent is to have fewer kits that can support the same number of products. Our retailers have to carry less stock and the consumers don’t have to wade through as many kits to find the one they need.

The kits will come packaged in a cardboard box with an internal plastic clamshell that holds the components.

The size and shape of the new box is not substantially different from the current plastic re-arm clamshells. Finished dimensions are approximately: 9.5in x 5.5in x 1.5in (length x width x thickness).

You will notice large letters “A”, “B”, “C”, etc on the boxes. This is part of a communication that we will be including on future inflatables to improve identifying re-arm kits. These letters will ultimately be included on the inflatables to help customers find the right kit.


The complete information and table can be downloaded here

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